Hello Friends,

Yesterday  my daughter suddenly woke up and set out for a gym. She wants to reduce her tummy fat.  I see her good intent and am pleased. But memories of my childhood flash on my mindscreen…

There’s my mom on the madur( a coir mat) on the floor  with me (7 years old) on one side and my dada(ten years old) on the other side…

Ma pulls up her legs and stretches them straight upwards from her hips… we follow…

‘Can you do this?’ she says and brings her feet down over her head to touch the floor … we follow…

More such easy stretches follows …lying down…sitting up… our late afternoon routine on  hot summer holidays.

What was to us fun and games to while away the hot summer days were actually freehand exercises  that Ma taught us so easily. Later it became our habit. I still remember how for years afterwards ,before my morning shower, I always touched my toes about ten times or so and did the twists. Even now at 50+ I can easily touch my toes.

But my daughter goes to the gym…!

Is it time I hadn’t shared with her? I’ve been a working mother most of my life. No, I guess that’s not it. It’s the intent of spending time together doing something fruitful. Ma did it so simply and we loved those times and still remember them.

Those hot summer days spent on the floor of a ground-floor flat  were so precious! We didn’t have to go swimming followed by football practice followed by table tennis and so on and so forth to keep fit.  Don’t misunderstand me. I’m not saying these games are bad but often I find it’s the parents’ wish that compels an unwilling child to attend such practices conducted by a strict stranger.

Do children wish that their parents spend some time playing with them ?

I bet they do!


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