Exercising can be fun too!



Yesterday I was talking of exercising and habit formation. I found some delightful sites that  talk of fun ways to exercise our kids. They are all wonderful and have useful advice. You can look them up for yourself of course but what I gathered from these sites is the subtle intrusion of exercise into chores that not only lessens any one person’s task but also leads to togetherness and sharing.

So I put on my thinking cap and concocted some fun ways to introduce physical activity in our lives. The fun of these chores lies in the fact that both adults and children learn to share and work together.

Here are some ideas.

  1. Putting clothes on the clothesline as neatly and fast as one can. Teamwork.
  2. Preparing dinner/ lunch together. One dish per team ( mother+son/ father-daughter/ sons / daughters or whatever combination possible)
  3. Washing the car together. Remember there are four sides to a car and so…
  4. Cleaning up the room in 10 minutes flat. Reduce the time to suit the mess.
  5. Cleaning Day. Allot rooms to pairs and set up a competition to see who can clean the room faster and aesthetically.
  6. Give shopping lists to different members and set up a competition to see who brings in the items faster. Have them go to the shops on bicycles or by walking.
  7. Ask children to play their favourite music and dance together.
  8. Do some musical chairs / hopping to the next chair during commercial breaks while watching TV.
  9. Play old games like the hoopla or hopscotch with your kids.
  10. Organize a badminton tournament in your locality and use your lawn.
  11. Ask everyone to do everything for half an hour while jumping or jogging.
  12. Go for a hike or surprise picnic somewhere. Take your bicycles and enjoy the ride.

 Please  share your ideas on exercising and let us all enrich ourselves. So do please write in.



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